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live well naturally.


When the need for something is vital to ones livelihood, somehow we rise to the occasion. Based on the law of Adaptation that is how nature works, and that is how Nature’s Jeannie was born.

The need to eliminate excessive antibiotic use several times a year due to recurring Strep throat was a serious battle for Founder, Juliet Boghossian. "I was taking antibiotics 3-4 times a year. Eventually, I build a tolerance and my doctor would prescribe two consecutive rounds. I knew I could not continue on this path without compromising my long-term health."

"If we could only find a way to rid the bacteria during the early throat discomfort stage, that would solve the imminent need for antibiotics later," said founder Michael Tatosian.


After years of research, development and finesse, this husband and wife team came up with an amazing solution and contribution to throat care. A natural throat rinse advanced enough to rinse away the toughest bacteria and eliminate prolonged discomfort. Third party lab tests showed a 99% reduction of Streptococcus bacteria, and 99.7% of Staph-aureus bacteria when used at the onset of throat discomfort. This panacea of sorts is also highly effective soothing painful Oral Thrush for Chemotherapy patients, opens vocal range and soothes strained voicesfor Artists and Speakers, loosens the toughest mucus for LPR and GERD sufferers, soothes persistent cough, post nasal drip, laryngitis, allergy throat and more. With over 1,000 people sharing raving positive results, this inspired duo set out to create more natural-first alternatives to wellness to preserve our whole body wellness by treading lightly on the use of prescribed drugs.


What started out as a personal problem to solve, turned into a full-blown mission to promote responsible wellness. Prescribed drugs are critically necessary – but only when we really need it. Too often, the premature use, unnecessary use, or excessive use of prescribed drugs hurt ones short and long-term. If we can safely and effectively support wellness naturally, then we must try, as our livelihood and healthful longevity depends on it.

Juliet & Michael



Gargle Away Throat Care is spicy by design to numb throat discomfort instantly! The heat is coming from the pure and potent Mediterranean Oregano and Cayenne Pepper which helps provide a natural anesthetic effect soothing throat pain and loosening tough mucus on demand.
If you can handle some heat, consider diluting the flavor by using 1/2 a packet. Although some say it works equally well, for best results 1 full packet is advisable. Remember, you don't have to drink it, just gargle and spit it out.

Consider Gargle Away Mucus Care. A gentle throat rinse with zero-heat developed to focus on mucus discomfort alone. Expect a ginger-turmeric flavor.

Proper measures are extremely important for safety and effectiveness, as is the ingredient quality and purity. Nature's Jeannie sources the finest pure ingredients from indigenous areas for heightened curative benefits. We do the homework for you, package it conveniently in an easy-to-use format for home, office and travel.

Our throat rinses and throat spray are developed as expectorants. Designed to loosen mucus and germs and be expelled. If you consume some of the rinses or even the kid's throat spray, it will not harm you. Our rinses and throat spray are made of 100% all-natural spices, herbs and minerals. All premium consumable ingredients on their own. However, unknowing of your unique health dispositions, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

Regardless of how natural and wholesome our products are, we always advise our pregnant population to consult with their healthcare practitioner before using our products. Simply share the label with them for the green-light!

Due to the high content of natural herbs in this product, and Mother's Apple Cider Vinegar, particles in the liquid and/or fibrous residue on the spray tube inside the bottle is totally expected, and safe. You must shake well before each use to get those herbs mixed well again.

This robust throat spray works equally well on children and adults! For adults, spray 3 times to the back of the throat. This panacea helps heal canker sores too!

The powerful benefits Reno-Coll® Collagen provides, can support your diet equally as well.

Reno-Coll provides greater, faster absorption (critical as nutrients are quickly discarded during the dialysis process), pure high quality Collagen (no fillers, protein rich in essential amino acids to nourish the diet), and transparent labeling to support healthcare practitioner/dietician guidance (low in sodium, phosphorus, and Potassium).

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